About us

Let’s start with who we’re not. We’re not a bunch of chanting yurt dwellers. And we’re not drill sergeants either. We believe in the power of 4pm chocolate bars and the odd nip of gin.

Between us, we’ve spent the past 20 years running companies, building brands and training athletes.


Simon has spent 15 years working with and for the best marketing agencies and sports brands in the world, including adidas, Speedo, Polar and Powerade.

Years spent in the company of world-class sports organisations provided valuable lessons in how to build energised, engaged high performing teams. Helping others benefit from these experiences is now what gets Simon out of bed.

He can’t run for sh*t but is a keen climber, obsessive cyclist and qualified British Cycling Coach.

His casual use of expletives belie the fact he’s actually very laid back, having finally managed to balance his life at work with family, adventures and the odd pint.

If left to his own devices, Simon would exist solely on cornflakes and chocolate. Nutrition is top of his New Years’ resolution list.

Simon doesn’t have a six-pack.


During her ten years as a New Business Director in the agency world Coxy came into contact with the uninspired, demotivated, stressed, dissatisfied and unfocussed.
She started putting her Personal Trainer qualification to good use by training colleagues to get them to be a bit more productive and less stressed. Then it escalated. Then it became a bit of a thing. Then she stopped being New Business Director and became the 9toLifeCoach at iris. Then other agencies wanted her to do the same for them.
9toLife was born.
Coxy is a qualified PT and Running Coach ­ A keen ultra runner she has a nice bit of bling in her toilet from winning national and international races.
When not running round in circles she can be found leading weekly runs in Lambeth with GoodGym, using exercise to do good in the community.
Coxy also ran 156 miles across the Sahara Desert Marathon Des Sables (badly) and once channelled Maggie Thatcher for 7 miles during a 100 mile race.
Coxy doesn’t have a six pack.


As co-founder of iris Worldwide, not only has Sam grown one of the most successful independent advertising companies in the world but he’s also spent 20 years developing breakthrough brand strategies for the likes of adidas, Virgin Active Gyms, Polar, Samsung, and Sony.

There’s nothing this man doesn’t know about why people do what they do when it comes to health and fitness and he’s constantly frustrated by brands and companies who don’t acknowledge the power of genuine participation and engagement.

In 2014, Sam completed the 156-mile Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara alongside Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Still not completely convinced on the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, Sam has promised to address this in 2016, while training for his next adventure, The Yukon Arctic Ultra.

He likes to train alone… blatantly so he can listen to Enya.

Sam doesn’t have a six-pack.

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