What we do

Yes, we hate words like vitality too, but no one can argue the transformative effect of a more vitalised workforce.

And that’s what we do.

Progressive companies who want to foster more energised, fitter and healthier employees turn to us to help make it happen.

Through strategic wellness planning and delivery, we remove all the barriers that may be preventing your people unleashing their talent on your business.

How we do this is unique…

On-site 9toLifeCoach

From our experience, embedding a 9toLifeCoach into your business is the most significant part of our offer.

They are your very own health trafficker; the champion of a vitalised culture and the catalyst for change within your business.

They walk the floors, consult with management, schedule services for employees and coordinate all aspects of your plan. They also report quarterly to your board.

That, my friends is a sound idea. And hassle free for you too.

Holistic planning & ultra-personalised services

Our proprietary ‘9toLife audit’ is designed to cut through supposition and give you the facts.

We can tell you how healthy your company is, the cost of poor health to your business, and the specific blend of services that can make you better.

Those services are unparalleled in their breadth and depth; our fully qualified practitioners offer everything from health screenings to sleep hygiene, nutritional workshops to cycle safety, smoking cessation to personal training; run-home clubs to stress management coaching.

Building your employer brand

Helping to build your reputation as a business with a stand out culture and an unrivalled approach to health & wellbeing – internally with your people and externally in the talent market – is a major part of what we do.

This is why we ensure your 9toLifeCoach is seen as, well, yours. They have their own desk. They wear branded kit. They are on company email. They are trained to maximise internal PR around our initiatives, and, where permission is given, help spread progress stories externally too.    

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