Why it matters

Society is getting fatter, lazier and less mindful. We’re making bad decisions all the time. A recent study of top UK companies concluded that 85% of employees have a ‘vitality age’ higher than their actual age.*

Makes you wonder, within the combative world of business, how are you going to win if your teams’ aren’t fit to fight?

*Source:  Britain’s Healthiest Company Survey 2014.


Closing this vitality age gap through effective wellbeing programs has been proven to reduce costs by slashing absenteeism and presenteeism.

Recent evidence suggests the UK’s healthiest companies have, on average, a 45% lower cost of productivity.

The days of viewing health as an employee benefit are over. Vitality is a P&L line and a competitive advantage for your business.


Evidence has shown that healthy employees work the equivalent of an extra month each year. Healthy employees are more resilient, more enthused and more engaged in work.

This means they do more and achieve more; they get more shit done. So we turn head-downers into hand-raisers. I mean, who doesn’t want a team that is energised, lucid, and sharp-as-a-knife?

Work life balance

People are working harder, faster and are under more pressure than ever. Even after getting home, they’re often still at work.

Improving the health & wellbeing of employees on their terms, but on company time, fosters high levels of pride, trust and motivation in the organisation. Resolving work/life tensions by enabling more ‘life at work’ is within the gift of all employers but it’s staggering how many don’t.

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