Are there any noteworthy authors whose work has focused on femdom domination stories?

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Femdom, or female domination, has become a popular topic in various forms of literature, from novels to short stories. While there are many authors who have explored various aspects of femdom, there are a few who have dedicated their work to the topic.

One noteworthy author who has focused on femdom domination stories is M. Jean Meurer. Meurer has written both fiction and non-fiction novels on the topic of femdom, and her works cover the physical and emotional aspects of the lifestyle. “FemDreams: A Femdom Experience is her debut novel that focuses on a femdom lifestyle. Meurer also wrote “Submitting to My Mistress and “The Femdom Guidebook, and she is a regular contributor to various femdom feminist magazines.

Another prolific author in the femdom fiction realm is Diva Nocturnal. Her novels, such as “Servitude and “Domme School deal with the psychological effects of femdom domination and the relationship between the submissive and dominant. Diva Nocturnal’s writing style is very engaging and readers often find themselves caught up in the story as they read.

Megan André is also an author that focuses on femdom. She writes both fiction and non-fiction and her novels cover topics such as BDSM culture, dominance and submission, and much more. Of particular note is her novel, “Dom Girlfriend: A Story of Submission which focuses on a femdom relationship between a young woman and her dominant.

Lastly, Sarah’s Submission is an author dedicated to femdom erotica. She has written numerous stories that feature strong female characters in power, and her work often contains BDSM, cuckolding, and objectification. Her stories also explore the emotional and psychological aspects of the femdom lifestyle.

Overall, there are several authors who have dedicated their work to femdom domination stories. M. Jean Meurer, Diva Nocturnal, Megan André, and Sarah’s Submission are just a few of the noteworthy authors that have focused their work on the topic. Their stories are incredibly engaging and often contain diverse perspectives on female dominance. Whether you’re looking for fiction or non-fiction, these authors are definitely worth checking out. Click Here.

Is there a trend of increasing or decreasing demand for Asian Dominatrixes?

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With an increasingly large amount of research conducted into the topic of domination, there is growing evidence that there is a trend of increasing demand for Asian Dominatrixes, especially in the United States. According to surveys, the majority of people in the United States find Asian Dominatrixes more exotic, arousing, and mysterious; they are thus more in demand now than ever before.

Asian domination has been around for centuries, and it is thought to have gained a resurgence in the 2000s. This resurgence is due to the rising popularity of kink and fetish lifestyles, which emphasize respect for minorities and offer alternative forms of sensual and sexual pleasure. With this new wave of acceptance and understanding, more and more people are seeking the unique type of experience that an Asian dominatrix can provide.

Furthermore, the rise of the modern dominatrix has been embraced and accelerated by the introduction and spread of social media platforms. Asian Dominatrixes are now incredibly visible, with every new post, selfie, and vlog sparking more and more interest in their services. This is all taking place alongside an increase in the number of Asian Dominatrixes offering services to civilians, with more and more new professionals entering the industry everyday, and established Dominatrixes gaining more recognition worldwide.

The demand for Asian Dominatrixes is not only restricted to the United States, either. With the growing popularity of Asian fetishism, Asian Dominatrixes in other countries such as Australia, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are also experiencing a sharp rise in demand. This rising demand has resulted in the establishment of various ‘schools’ which offer workshops and tutorials to teach Dominatrixes in Asia and around the world the practice of domination.

In conclusion, the trend of increasing demand for Asian Dominatrixes is undeniable. With the rise of social media and globalization, those seeking an alternative lifestyle or an exotic experience are turning to Asian Dominatrixes more and more often. In addition, the establishment of new ‘schools’ to teach Dominatrixes the practice of domination is testament to the growing demand for their services.


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